Friday, January 28, 2011

Et tu, Hu? Reasons China is not our friend -- Part 2

Let me put this plainly:  China steals from the United States.  The Chinese want to be where the United States is -- on top of the world.  They have exhibited the willingness to do whatever it takes.  So why are we cooperating so freely with these people?

Last week, China introduced their first attempt at a stealth fighter plane, the J-20.  This new fighter plane surprised American officials, who are concerned about what is an astounding leap forward for the Chinese.

But more importantly, how did the Chinese acquire their newfound stealth technology? Through innovation and technological breakthrough?  No.  Evidence and reports from various officials suggest otherwise.

Current speculation suggests the Chinese obtained their stealth technology from sheer happenstance.  During the American intervention on the Balkan Peninsula in 1999, one of America's F-117 stealth fighters was shot down.  According to a recent story from the Associated Press,  Admiral Davor Domazet-Loso, the former Croatian military chief of staff, was quoted as saying,
"At the time, our intelligence reports told of Chinese agents crisscrossing the region where the F-117 disintegrated, buying up parts of the plane from local farmers ... We believe the Chinese used those materials to gain an insight into secret stealth technologies ... and to reverse-engineer them."
That same article noted another Serbian official who confirmed some of the wreckage from the downed F-117 ended up in the hands of foreign operatives.  Such stealth technology would be very desirable to China and other developed nations.

Additionally, the case of Noshir Gawadia deserves inclusion into this assessment.  Gawadia is a foreign born American citizen who worked as a propulsion engineer on the U.S. Air Force's B-2 stealth bomber.  Gawadia was recently convicted of selling secrets to the Chinese pertaining to development of stealth cruise missiles. 

As recently as 2008, the Chinese have been suspected of attempting to illegally obtain technology from NASA to assist their fledgling space program.  In this case, another foreign born American citizen, Quan-Sheng Shu, was convicted of selling rocket technology to the Chinese.

The Chinese government would have Americans believing they had nothing to do with these incidents.  Perhaps they were isolated cases and their government had no knowledge of what had transpired.  Then again, probably not. 

Chinese attempts at stealing American technology is not a recent development.  During the late 1990s, Congressman Chris Cox chaired a select committee in the House of Representatives with the aim of investigating possible nuclear technology being passed to Chinese agents.

The findings of what became known as the 'Cox Report' were astonishing.  The nine members committee concluded the following:

1.  The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has stolen design information on the United States’ most advanced thermonuclear weapons.

2.  The Select Committee judges that the PRC’s next generation of thermonuclear weapons, currently under development, will exploit elements of stolen U.S. design information.

3.  PRC penetration of our national weapons laboratories spans at least the past several decades and almost certainly continues today.

4.  The PRC has stolen or otherwise illegally obtained U.S. missile and space technology that improves the PRC’s military and intelligence capabilities.

5.  The PRC seeks advanced U.S. military technology to achieve its long-term goals.

6.  To acquire U.S. technology the PRC uses a variety of techniques, including espionage, controlled commercial entities, and a network of individuals and organizations that engage in a vast array of contacts with scientists, business people, and academics.
So why again is the United States government dealing with these people?  The Chinese are taking advantage of this country economically and technologically.  Clearly, they have no respect for the United States.  Their actions are not those of a friend.

Donald Trump is correct.  The Chinese are not our friends and it is time we stopped treating them as such.

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